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Board Committees

The Board has established several committees and has delegated some of its functions to those committees.

Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is responsible for overseeing and reporting to the Board on the Board’s financial situation, operational policies and human resources.

Convenor – Jayesh Chouhan

Members – Irene Durham, Annette Morgan, Kristine Hammond, Mary Yee (co-opted)

CPD Accreditation Committee – Dispensing Opticians

This committee considers applications from providers for accreditation of activities for dispensing opticians to obtain CPD credits.

Convenor – Kristine Hammond

Members – Zoe Ross, John Billings (co-opted), Jo Murray (co-copted), Angela Mitchell (co-opted)

CPD Accreditation Committee – Optometrists

This committee considers applications from providers for accreditation of activities for optometrists to obtain CPD credits.

Convenor – Annette Morgan

Members – Jayesh Chouhan, Ravi Dass, Andrew Black (co-opted), Joanna Black (co-opted), Adele Jefferies (co-opted)

Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

The PSC oversees and reports to the Board on its key competence assurance activities including ordering competence reviews and self audits, as well as considering complaints about practitioners and applications for practising certificates referred to it by the Registrar.

Convenor – Ross Tayler

Members – Jayesh Chouhan, Kristine Hammond, Annette Morgan, Irene Durham, Sean McKinley, Ravi Dass, and Zoe Ross

Health Committee

The Health Committee is established to manage concerns about individual practitioners’ fitness to practise.

Convenor – Kristine Hammond

Member – Sean McKinley, Ravi Dass, and Zoe Ross

Legislation Committee

The Legislation Committee is established to monitor the performance of, review of, and proposed amendments to pieces of legislation that impact on the Board. They are also tasked with making submissions on reviews on the Board’s behalf and keeping the Board informed of any major legislative developments in other jurisdictions.

Convenor – Irene Durham

Members – Ross Tayler, Annette Morgan, and Sean McKinley.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee considers applications for registration that fall outside the delegations the Board has made to the Registrar.  Such applications are usually those where a practitioner has been unable to confirm they satisfy the requirements of section 16 of the Act.

Convenor – Irene Durham

Members – Jayesh Chouhan, Annette Morgan, Kristine Hammond, and Sean McKinley.