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Statements and Guidelines

In addition to the Board's Standards of Clinical Competence, Cultural Competence and Ethical Conduct, the Board has developed a number of Statements and Guidelines that the professions must adhere to.

Statement on release and receipt of patient information: outlines the law with regard to the Privacy Act, and releasing patient information to them or to another health provider.  Includes information on the rare occasions that a charge can be made for release of information.

Statement on Internet Medicine : outlines the legal and ethical obligations of conducting practice or parts of practice over the internet.

For competence assurance policies, including Policy on Risk of Harm, and Supervision Guidelines, click here.


Guidelines for registered health care workers on transmissible major viral infections - Click here to view these guidelines.


Dispensing Opticians - Practising Legally

The Board has prepared an information pamphlet for Dispensing Opticians which explains how to practise legally and in accordance with the Optical Dispensing Scope of Practice. Click here to view this pamphlet.



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