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50564 Leukocoria

Date: Mon 16/08/2021

Provider: NZAO Otago Branch

Optometrist Credits: 1.00 General

Event Type(s): Seminar


Name: Jan Chung

Event Title: Leukocoria

Presenter(s): Dr Mary Jane Sime

Format: Lecture

Duration: 1 hour


Dr Sime presented an overview of leukocoria and the common eye conditions that cause this in children. Leukocoria is a term used to describe ‘white pupil’, where there is an abnormal white pupillary reflex rather than the typical red reflex. Checking the pupil reflexes in any infant and child is important as it can often be a first and important sign of a serious eye condition. There are various differential diagnoses of leukocoria, however those that were discussed in more detail in this presentation included congenital cataract, retinoblastoma, retinopathy of prematurity and retinal vascular abnormality (Coat’s disease).

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