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50587 Macular OCT

Date: Wed 22/09/2021 - Fri 22/09/2023 11:45 pm

Provider: Southern Eye Specialists Ltd

Optometrist Credits: 1.00 General credits

Event Type(s): Seminar


Name: Melissa Wowk

Email: melissa@southerneye.co.nz

Presenter(s): Dr Sean Every
Format: Lecture
Duration: 90mins

Macular OCT is a cornerstone investigation in ophthalmic practice and is increasingly
common in optometry. Sometimes OCT confirms a spot diagnosis. Other scans can show
an abnormality which is unknown. Given this it is important to be able to communicate the
findings of an OCT and this requires specific terminology. This talk will focus on how to
talk the language of OCT to describe retinal location and changes in reflectivity. Common
macular conditions will be used to facilitate this shared group learning experience.

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Southern Eye Specialists
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New Zealand

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