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50598 Eye Institute Quiz Webinar September 2021

Date: Thu 16/09/2021 - Sat 16/09/2023

Provider: Eye Institue

Optometrist Credits: 2 General Credits

Event Type(s): Webinar


Name: Jennifer Springett

Email: Jennifer.sp@eyeinstitute.co.nz

Event Title: The Eye Institute Midwinter Quiz

 Presenter(s): Dr. William Cunningham and Dr. Shanu Subbiah

 Format:    webinar quiz

 Duration:  2 hours



This is a 2 hour web based interactive quiz.  Clinical questions have been devised by both Dr. Shanu Subbiah and Dr. Will Cunningham

There will be approximately 20 questions. Following each question there will be discussion regarding the pertinent topic. The questions/ conditions discussed will traverse the wide range of clinical optometry and ophthalmology and will largely be situations in which Optometrists will have  therapeutic input.

The subjects will include glaucoma medication side effects, managing glaucoma in pregnancy, complications related to iris implants, optic disc swelling, cranial nerve palsies, retinal degenerations and serous retinopathy.

There is ample opportunity for questions from attendees as there will be real time questions and answers as well as the opportunity to discuss important topics with all attendees.

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This event does not have a physical location