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50607 Spot diagnosis

Date: Wed 13/10/2021 - Fri 13/10/2023

Provider: Southern Eye Specialists Ltd

Optometrist Credits: 1.00 General Credit

Event Type(s): Seminar


Name: Melissa Wowk

Email: melissa@southerneye.co.nz

Spot Diagnosis

Presenter(s):            Dr Genevieve Oliver

Format:                      Lecture

Duration:                    70mins

The retina is a complex neural tissue that converts light to an electrical signal and performs the first steps of visual processing. Underlying this is a monolayer of cells known as the retinal pigment epithelium. Together with the choroid, these pigmented tissues provide critical support for the neural retina in health and disease. Pigmentary changes in the retina may be harmless, but when should a spot be admired, and when should it cause alarm? This talk provides an approach to evaluating retinal pigmentation that will enable optometrists to better admire, understand, evaluate, and diagnose pigmented retinal lesions

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