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50662 Southern Eye Specialists Xmas Optometry Seminar 2021

Date: Thu 25/11/2021

Provider: Southern Eye Specialists Ltd

Optometrist Credits: 1.50 General

Event Type(s): Meeting, Seminar


A Christmas Miracle – Dr Logan Robinson
Dr Robinson will present the remarkable history of a patient who has maintained vision despite
multiple eye injuries and surgeries over the last 36 years. This is a story so astonishing
that it’s almost unbelievable, but I can assure you that it is absolutely true. The case will
highlight how changes in cataract surgery techniques have improved the safety of the

Recent patient enquiry – Dr Sean Every
As eye health professionals, what should we advise the Covid vaccine-hesitant?
Patient Enquiry: “I have a history of inflammatory eye disease. I don’t think ocular
inflammation will do me any favours and I have, I suspect, just scraped through my last
drivers licence eye test”.

A straight forward case of bilateral cataracts, or is it? – Dr Jo-Anne Pon
A 51yo woman presents with recent deterioration in her vision. The examination finds
bilateral cataracts. She cries (with relief?) during the consultation. That was perhaps the
first alarm bell, had I listened. This case illustrates how things are not always as they
appear and the path to take to address the unexpected clinical presentation.
Is it a Retinal Detachment or Retinoschisis? – Dr James Borthwick
Discussed around two recent optometry referrals, I will present the history and
assessment to determine a retinal detachment from a retinoschisis. Management will
also be briefly described.

Out damn spot – Dr Rebecca Stack
A case of a rapidly progressing choroidal nevus is presented with the initial and
subsequent treatments required and a brief update on the genetics of choroidal

Cornea Ectasia Case – Pellucid vs. Keratoconus.
Plus update on cross linking long term data – Dr John Rawstron
Dr Rawstron will discuss two cases of cataract surgery in corneal ectasia patients and
provide an update on the effectiveness of cross linking in the long term.

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