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50732 Educational Evening for Optometrists on Corneal Cases, Macular Degeneration, AMD and Pediatric Ophthalmology, Cataract Surgery Expectations

Date: Fri 13/05/2022

Provider: Tauranga Eye Specialists

Optometrist Credits: 2.5 General Credits & 0.5 Glaucoma Event Credits

Event Type(s): Meeting


Presenter(s):                          Ophthalmologists:

Dr Mark Saunders, Dr Sam Kain, Dr Andrew Thompson, Dr Cheefoong Chong, Dr Kent Chow, Dr Mark Fajgenbaum

 Format:                                  Educational informative presentations + Q & A

 Duration:                               3 hours

 Content/Programme:       Ophthalmologists will present talk on chosen topic followed by Questions and Answers

The objective of the event will be for each of our Doctors to present informative, education matter followed by questions and answers.

All attendees will have the opportunity to ask our Ophthalmologists questions on the following subjects-


Presentation: Corneal Clinic Cases.

 Presenter: Dr Mark Saunders.

 A selection of corneal and anterior segment cases will be presented. A summary of the differential diagnoses, investigations and current management principles will be discussed in an interactive forum.


Presentation:     Charlies Angels – Panoptimism, a Vivacious new angel and the visual Symfony


Presenters:  Dr Cheefoong Chong and Dr Andrew Thompson

With more ways to provide patients with exceptional vision using presbyopia mitigating intraocular lenses (IOL), including EDOFs and trifocals, how do we choose the right IOL for our patients?

Drs Thompson and Chong will discuss several IOL types and their designs, decisions regarding IOL choice, pros and cons of each of the types of IOLs, outcomes from audit of local practice and what optometrists can expect when seeing patients with these IOLs implanted


Presentation: Glaucoma Monitoring

 Presenter:  Dr Sam Kain

 Glaucoma monitoring in the age of big data for the little person. Can too much even be enough?

We will discuss the frequency and utility of testing with Humphrey Fields, Spectral Domain OCTs and monitoring of IOPs in glaucoma.



Cataract patients with past corneal refractive surgeries kryptonites for

ophthalmic superheroes? Plus interesting oculoplastic cases”

Presenter:  Dr Kent Chow


Cataract patients who had past corneal refractive surgeries pose unique challenges to the vision care teams. This talk will detail such challenges, and will outline how teamwork among optometrists and ophthalmologists can help achieve the best outcome. This talk will be concluded by several interesting oculoplastic cases.



 Presentation: Macular shift and macular function after retinal detachment repair


Presenter:  Dr Mark Fajgenbaum


  • The aetiology of macular shift after the repair of retinal detachment
  • The symptoms of macular shift
  • The measurement of macular shift
  • The different approaches to the repair of retinal detachment and their impact on macular shift
  • A discussion of the general function of the macula after retinal detachment – imaging (OCT) and histological findings and approach to treatment


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