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50761 Glaucoma – Current Management and Emerging Treatments

Date: Fri 13/05/2022 - Mon 13/05/2024

Provider: Optometry Australia

Optometrist Credits: 2.00 Glaucoma Event Credits

Event Type(s): Online


Vision loss in glaucoma has long been considered to be permanent. However, there is compelling evidence that retinal ganglion cells can be protected to prevent or even reverse some of the vision loss we see in glaucoma. Indeed, more and more, we are starting to think about neuroprotection in glaucoma and we will go through some of the research and clinical evidence around neuroprotection.

Glaucoma management is constantly evolving. This presentation outlines current glaucoma management, including recent updates. We will explore the concept of target intraocular pressure (IOP) and how it is determined. The presentation will also examine the current evidence for treatments to achieve target IOP, and when to review patients.

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