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50773 Practical Vision Therapy WORKSHOP 3

Date: Fri 08/07/2022

Provider: ACBO

Optometrist Credits: 6.00 General Credits



This is one part of a multi-level accreditation program for Vision Therapists. Amblyopia is the last topic in the curriculum for this program, covering: What is Amblyopia, Types of Amblyopia, Visual Development, Neuroplastic Principles, Critical Periods, Treatment of Amblyopia, Occlusion Therapy, VT for Anisometropic Amblyopia


DAY 1 Session Title: Learning Objectives
9 – 10.30am Intro to Amblyopia 1. Define amblyopia

2. Define various aetiologies for amblyopia including: Refractive, Strabismus, Image degradation, Mixed

3. Define Strabismus, including classifications: Exotropia, Esotropia, Hypertropia , Constant versus intermittent, Aternating versus Unilateral

10.30 – 11am Break  
11 – 12.30pm Lecture – Therapeautic considerations for Amblyopia 1. Define the treatment options for refractive amblyopia, including: 1. Refractive correction, 2. Penalisation/occlusion, 3. Vision Therapy

2. Understand & discuss the considerations for refractive correction:  1. Prescription – how much?, 2. Aniseikonia, 3. Refractive Engineering

3. Understand the merits & considerations for occlusion/penalisation, including:  1. Fogging, 2. Direct & Indirect Patching, 3. Length of treatment, 4. Compliance, 5. Active vs Passive approaches

12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch  
1.30 – 3pm Workshop – Vision Therapy for Amblyopia 1. Understand the merits of different vision therapy activities aimed at the treatment of anisometropic amblyopia.

2. Understand that activities must be presented according to a treatment hierachy, involving consideration of: 1. Monocular skill equalisation, 2. Spatial awareness & localisation, 3. Biocular versus binocular

3. Understand the use of filters, lenses and prisms to alter space and provide a way for patients to process vision independently or simultaneously through both visual channels.

3 – 3.30pm Break  
3.30 – 5pm Workshop – Vision Therapy for Amblyopia 1. Deliver vision therapy techniques to patients with amblyopia by adjusting for working distance, target size and/or target brightness.

2. Deliver in-office therapy techniques using equipment including: 1. Vectograms, 2. Cheiroscopes, 3. Prism glasses, 4. Randot targets

3. Deliver therapy techniques requiring home-based reinforcement, by providing the patient with ways to load the activity as they progress.

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