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50824 Cataract Surgery: Innovation in action

Date: Fri 12/08/2022 - Sat 13/08/2022

Provider: Cornea and Contact Lens Society

Optometrist Credits: 0.34 General

Event Type(s): Conference


The first recorded cataract operation was carefully documented on the Stone of Hammurabi over 3000 years ago. It was a Babylonian legal “document” that outlined the surgeon’s fee and the consequences if there was a complication. Whilst there were some innovations in cataract surgery technique over the subsequent millenia, it has only been in the last 100 years that the procedure has really evolved. It is now the most common and arguably the most successful operation in the world. This lecture examines the critical innovations and the unique ingredients along the way. Why is it that innovation is often met with scepticism and negativity? What are the qualities of the inventors that allow them to push through?

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Hilton Hotel
147 Quay Street
New Zealand

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