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50825 When is a pterygium not a pterygium?

Date: Fri 12/08/2022 - Sat 13/08/2022

Provider: Cornea and Contact Lens Society

Optometrist Credits: 0.33 General

Event Type(s): Conference, Online


Pterygia are a relatively common problem in sun exposed patients around the world and vary from mild to vision-threatening if severe and untreated.  Removal is successful, particularly when grafting techniques are incorporated.  Given their almost pathonomic clinical appearance, opinions varies as to whether histologic analsysis is required after excision.  When analysed, histologic rates of dysplasia are typically low at around 1-2% although some papers claim rates as high as 11%.  Given this, we analysed the rates of histology-proven dysplasia in samples taken over a 10 year period at Greenlane Clinical Centre.  This talk discusses the clinical presentations,  histology findings and whether histology is still required after surgical excision of pterygia.

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