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50867 Beautiful Retina

Date: Wed 17/08/2022 - Sat 17/08/2024

Provider: Southern Eye Specialists Ltd

Optometrist Credits: 1.5 General credit

Event Type(s): Seminar, Training


The use of multi-modal imaging has revolutionised our ability to diagnose retinal disease. We now
have multiple imaging options at our disposal: OCT, OCT angiography, fundus autofluoresence,
and widefield imaging devices such as the Optos or Eidon. Using a combination of these imaging
modalities gives us vital information to make the correct diagnosis and allows for accurate
monitoring of disease progression and treatment. They also provide, in my opinion, objectively
beautiful images of the retina. This seminar will include lots of these beautiful images, discuss the
basics of interpreting different types of imaging, and use interesting cases to illustrate how the
imaging modalities are used in clinical practice.

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