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50936 – Save Sight Society Symposium 2022

Date: Fri 02/09/2022 8:00 am - Fri 02/09/2022 5:00 pm

Provider: Save Sight Society

Optometrist Credits: Yet to be accredited

Event Type(s): Conference


Name: Nikki Pound

Email: Nikki@hamiltoneyeclinic.co.nz

Number: 07 834 6330

  • Cornea / cataract update lecture – Dr James McKelvie – University of Auckland, Waikato Hospital and Hamilton Eye Clinic
  • The Changing Landscape of Eye Banking and Corneal Transplantation in New Zealand – Nigel Brookes – New Zealand National Eye Bank & University of Auckland
  • Repeatability and Agreement between the Medmont-E300 topographer, and Revo-NX and Pentacam-AXL tomographers, in keratoconic subjects – Dr. Lize Angelo – Co-Author
  • Weighty matter – the impact of Body Mass Index on the repeatability and reliability of Corneal Tomography measurements in patients with Keratoconus – James Lewis – University of Auckland
  • Sub-400 Advanced Keratoconus: Implications of repeatability limits of Pentacam tomography for corneal crosslinking – Himanshu Wadhwa – Co-Author 
  • Manifestation of Anterior Necrotising Scleritis and Reactive Infectious Mucocutaneous Eruption After COVID-19 2022: A Case Report – Vince Wilkinson – University of Otago
  • Lids, Orbits and the Pursuit of Perfection – Dr Stephen Ng – Waikato District Health Board
  • Anomalous optic discs and PHOMS – Taras Papchenko
  • Case series of paediatric Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension from Auckland – Daniel Scott – University of Auckland
  • Feasibility and Safety of a Virtual Imaging Clinic to Investigate Children with Swollen Optic Nerves – Emily Joe – University of Auckland
  • Visual failure from Hypovitaminosis A in Two Children with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder; The Need for Vitamin Replacement Therapy – Glynis Hanrahan – University of Auckland
  • Colchicine for fibrosis suppression – Mark Donaldson – Eye Doctors
  • Machine learning-based glaucoma detection using fundus images from multiple cameras – Hansi Gunasinghe – University of Waikato
  • Assessing visual function and functional vision in community-based settings – Ruhella R Hossain – Co-Author
  • The rise of premature eye disease – Sarah Hull
  • Retina update – Oliver Comyn
  • Genetics update – Andrea Vincent
  • Correlation between the progression of diabetic retinopathy and inflammasome biomarkers in vitreous and serum – a systematic review – Charisse Kuo – University of Auckland
  • Plaque brachytherapy for treatment of uveal melanoma in Aotearoa between 2005 to 2020 – Joevy Lim – University of Auckland
  • A convoluted case of ocular mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP) – Jane Shi – Taranaki Eye Centre
  • Epiretinal membrane in uveitis: rate, visual prognosis, complications and surgical outcomes – Aaron Yap – University of Auckland
  • Ophthalmic Acyclovir utilisation in Aotearoa New Zealand – James Lewis – University of Auckland
  • Infectious Aetiology is Common in Paediatric Uveitis – Priya D Samalia
  • Barriers to accessing a tertiary keratoconus and crosslinking clinic in Auckland, and associated visual outcomes, to assess health inequity – Dr. Lize Angelo
  • Characteristics of acute referrals to Dunedin’s Ophthalmology Clinic during COVID-19 restrictions for impact assessment on ophthalmic service demands – Liam Walsh – Department of Ophthalmology, Southern District Health Board, Dunedin, Otago, NZ
  • Predicting ophthalmic clinic attendance using machine learning – Finley Breeze – University of Auckland
  • Cosmetic anterior chamber iris implants – a case describing the spectrum of complications – Daniel Scott – University of Auckland
  • Māori perspectives on ocular healthcare in Aotearoa New Zealand – Isaac Samuels – University of Auckland
  • Intravitreal injection service at Waikato Hospital – Lyn Scott – CNS, Waikato Hospital
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