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A Complete Approach to the Dry Eye

Date: Tue 13/08/2019 - Sun 14/08/2022

Provider: Mivision

Dispensing Optician Credits: 1 Clinical

Event Type(s): Online


Dry eye is sometimes viewed as a simple condition, yet DEWS II has reminded us just how complex and multifactorial it is. There has been an explosion of interest in dry eye in recent years, along with a lot of opinions on how to best diagnose and manage the condition. While I am excited about optometrists’ enthusiasm to tackle the condition, I think it is important that we constantly review the literature to ensure our advice and methods remain current. This is where the DEWS II report is so important for any practitioner serious about making a difference for dry eye patients. The report allows us to look at our opinions and our current practice protocols to see if they correlate with what the evidence suggests is best practice.

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