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Diabetic Eyecare – Part 4

Date: Wed 16/06/2021 - Fri 16/06/2023

Provider: Specsavers

Optometrist Credits: 0.50 Clinical Diagnostic credits

Event Type(s): Online


Diabetic macular oedema (DMO) is a complication of diabetic retinopathy and is a leading cause of visual loss worldwide. Development of DMO is linked to duration of disease, poor blood glucose control and in type 2 diabetes, the need for insulin. With the increasing number of people with diabetes increasing worldwide the prevalence of DMO is likely to increase with significant implications for patients in terms of health and social care provision. This article explains clinical features of DMO and treatment options – from laser to antiVEGF and intravitreal steroids, discussing NICE guidance on treatment and explaining the findings of clinical trials. This article promotes an understanding of the condition and evidence-base for treatment, so that practitioners achieve a better understanding, and therefore will be able to advise and refer patients according to current best practice.

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