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50375 Fabry Disease: An Ophthalmology Perspective

Date: Mon 15/02/2021 - Wed 15/02/2023

Provider: Mivision

Optometrist Credits: 1.00 General Credit

Event Type(s): Online


Fabry Disease is a rare disease that does not typically disturb visual function. However, ocular signs of corneal verticillata, spoke-like cataract, or vessel tortuosity may be key to its diagnosis. Being able to recognise the signs and symptoms of Fabry Disease, and knowing when to refer on to a physician, can help expedite diagnosis of this debilitating condition.


On completion of this CPD activity you should be able to:

  1. Understand the spectrum of metabolic disorders with emphasis on Fabry disease,
  2. Understand the ocular manifestations of Fabry disease, and
  3. Be aware of the therapy options for Fabry disease.
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