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Glaucoma 2 Detection

Date: Thu 01/11/2018 - Sat 31/10/2020

Provider: Luxottica Institute of Learning

Optometrist Credits: 1 Clinical Diagnostic Credit + 1 Glaucoma Event Credit

Event Type(s): Online


The goal in glaucoma detection and management is to delay progression of the disease so that the patient still has vision as they get older. The manner and methods of detecting glaucoma have changed significantly over time, as well as, what constitutes standard care for patients with glaucoma. While glaucoma is a primary optic neuropathy, observation of the optic nerve will give the most information regarding who does and who does not have glaucoma.


  1. Primary open angle glaucoma and all characteristic features
  2. The epidemiology of glaucoma and societal burden of the disease
  3. Aqueous humor production and drainage and how it contributed to intraocular pressure elevations
  4. Proper optic nerve analysis for the detection of glaucoma
  5. The importance of various risk factors in the development of glaucoma and properly assess them in the detection of the disease
  6. Functional analysis and interpretation of threshold perimetry.
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