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Managing Acute Corneal Hydrops

Date: Thu 01/11/2018 - Sat 31/10/2020

Provider: Mivision and Luxottica

Optometrist Credits: 0.75 Clinical Diagnostic Credits

Event Type(s): Online


Acute corneal hydrops are uncommon and often selflimiting. When suspected, clinicians should be careful in their slit lamp assessment to rule out other more sinister and sight threatening pathologies.


  1. Recognise the typical signs and symptoms of acute corneal hydrops.
  2. Understand the appropriate available treatments of acute corneal hydrops.
  3. Become mindful of the impact that corneal hydrops has on a patient’s quality of life.
  4. Be aware of which other pathologies can have similar presentations to acute corneal hydrops.
  5. Correctly identify whether topical therapy or surgical intervention is indicated.

Mivision: https://www.mivision.com.au/2018/12/managing-acute-corneal-hydrops/

Luxottica: https://www.luxotticalearning.com.au/pages/managing-acute-corneal-hydrops-luxottica

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