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50222 Omnifocality: The Holy Grail for Cataract Surgery

Date: Fri 10/07/2020 - Sun 10/07/2022

Provider: Mivision

Optometrist Credits: 1 General Credits

Event Type(s): Online


‘Omnifocality’ sounds like a new cult right? It may as well be, with so much hype around focality. Today monofocal, bifocal, trifocal – even quadrifocal – intraocular lens (IOL) implants are available for selection. Add to this the newer extended focality delivered by Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) and monofocal EDOF lenses, and things get pretty confusing. Surely there is one best IOL for all patients?

Actually no, there is no perfect lens, as evidenced by more than 200 IOLs now approved and funded in Australia. Our task is to choose the most appropriate lens for the patient sitting in front of us. The choices available make this a complex but satisfying task as there really is an optical outcome that will give the individual patient what they want and need.

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