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Optometry Connections Magazine Dec 2020 CPD Quiz

Date: Mon 22/03/2021 - Wed 22/03/2023

Provider: Optometry Australia

Optometrist Credits: 0.50 General and 1 Clinical Diagnostic credit

Event Type(s): Article, Online


Learning Objectives

1 Develop an understanding of the ocular side effects of several anti-cancer drugs
2 Better understand the clinical diagnosis and management of ocular ischaemic syndrome
3 Understand the benefits and limitations of telehealth within optometry
4 Familiarise themselves with the PBS Listing of topical ophthalmic medications
5 Understand the complications associated with eyelash extensions and the therapeutic treatment required to manage such complications
6 Better understand the side effects of both topical and systemic fluoroquinolone medications
7 Gain an understanding of most recent contact lens prescribing trends in Australia and the rest of the world
8 Understand the strengths and weaknesses of OCT imagery
9 Be updated on a novel method of remote visual field analysis and how this can be incorporated into clinical practice via telehealth
10 Better understand the diagnosis and treatment of evaporative dry eye and the role that artificial lubricants, such as NovaTears, play in the management of this condition
11 Understand how digital eye strain, myopic shift and dry eye can manifest in environments involving increased screen time brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic
12 Develop methods of solving non-tolerance issues associated with multifocal spectacle lenses


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