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2538 Paediatric Dispensing

Date: Sun 13/06/2021 - Tue 13/06/2023

Provider: Specsavers

Optometrist Credits: 0.50 General Credits
Dispensing Optician Credits: 1 Clinical Credit

Event Type(s): Article, Online


Paediatric dispensing is a learnt and perfected skill. We need to address lots of factors looking after children in our profession. It’s not just about “a pair of spectacles!” We need to consider many factors and question what the desired function actually is. We will consider the practicalities of what we are dispensing, and the purpose of the spectacles? We will look at the end goals of successful wear, the emotions of parent and child and finally, where do we start thinking about fashion? At the beginning, end or somewhere in between? During this article I will be discussing the Paediatric dispensing journey.

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