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Seeing Well Through New Specs: the Power of Position

Date: Thu 01/08/2019 - Sat 31/10/2020

Provider: Mivision

Optometrist Credits: 1 General Credit

Event Type(s): Online


As eye health professionals, providing the best vision for our patients is a primary concern. When on occasion, a patient complains of a poor visual experience with their new spectacles, it is often assumed that the laboratory has not prepared the lens according to the script. Many factors will affect a patient’s ability to see clearly with their newly dispensed spectacles – the position of wear being a major consideration. To ensure your patient achieves the best outcome from their optical appliance, the refraction and dispensing process should be closely linked.


1. Understand the implications that ‘position of wear’ has on the effective power of spectacles compared with the same power in a trial frame,
2. Recognise how lens manufacturers compensate for these power and prism variations,
3. Appreciate a change in pantoscopic tilt and/or corneal vertex distance will affect the head and eye position when a patient accesses the near portion of
a progressive lens, and
4. Appreciate the prism in a dispensed spectacle lens can differ from that of a trial lens.

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