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The Dry Eye Battle – Part 1

Date: Thu 14/03/2019 - Sun 14/03/2021

Provider: Mivision

Optometrist Credits: 1 General Credit
Dispensing Optician Credits: 1 Clinical

Event Type(s): Online


The article begins with a discussion on the diagnosis of dry eye, in particular how to differentiate the dry eye sub-types and ways to quantify the severity. A case example will be used to highlight the diagnosis, treatment and management strategies involved in dry eye. Next, the article discusses current treatments starting with lubricants and how they stabilize the tear film. The article will then discuss the inflammatory nature of dry eye and the role of steroids and immune-suppressants in its management. Next, treatment will focus on MGD and rosacea, including both topical and oral preparations. Finally, the result of the case study will be used to highlight the multimodal treatment options and the complex management decisions involved in dry eye management.

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