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50278 UV Damage to Children’s Eyes: Australia’s Silent Epidemic

Date: Mon 14/09/2020 - Wed 14/09/2022

Provider: Mivision

Optometrist Credits: 1 General Credit
Dispensing Optician Credits: 1 point.

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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure can cause a range of ocular and eyelid diseases that are related to UV radiation exposure. Exposure commonly occurs in childhood but the diseases frequently manifest in adulthood, after cumulative damage has already occurred. To reduce the prevalence of these UV radiation related eye diseases, UV exposure should be minimised and protection maximised, especially during childhood.

Children’s eyes are most susceptible to UV radiation due to a developmental lack of defence mechanisms that are only present in the adult eye. Shielding children’s eyes from UV radiation while encouraging outdoor activity during childhood would reduce the incidence of myopia, and simultaneously protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation. Eye care professionals are in the ideal position to lead the change in understanding and minimising the long-term impact of these diseases, by educating patients, and encouraging use of protective sunglasses during childhood.

Understand how ultraviolet radiation enters the eye,
Be aware of common eye diseases caused by ultraviolet radiation,
Know what the natural squint reflex is and how it is turned off by any dark glasses,
Understand the components necessary for maximally UV protective sunglasses, and
Recognise that all sunglasses are not the same, despite being classified as category 3.

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