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50258 What Do Contact Lens Wearers Want?

Date: Thu 13/08/2020 - Sat 13/08/2022

Provider: Mivision

Optometrist Credits: 1 General Credit

Event Type(s): Online


As health care professionals, optometrists aim to meet patients’ needs and expectations. When our professional life works in 0.25D steps, perfection and a desire to deliver is intrinsically ingrained in our nature. However, when it comes to contact lenses, from the dropout rates reported in the literature, we seem to be falling short of the mark. Patients who wear contact lenses seemingly want something more.

1. Appreciate the key factors associated with discontinuing contact lens wear,
2. Understand the technology of Precision1 daily disposable contact lenses,
3. Understand the differences in the drivers of preference for a new wearer versus an existing wearer, and
4. Appreciate the importance of tailoring your conversation to assist with patient satisfaction, depending on whether you’re fitting a new or existing contact lens wearer.

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