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40170 ZEISS CIRRUS HD-OCT: Acquisition and Interpretation

Date: Thu 17/06/2021 - Sat 17/06/2023

Provider: Luxottica Institute of Learning

Optometrist Credits: 0.50 General Credits

Event Type(s): Online


The ZEISS CIRRUS HD-OCT Acquisition and Interpretation course aims to provide new and existing users an insight into the Spectral Domain platform of OCT technology and an explanation of all relevant scans and analyses useful for Retina, Glaucoma and Anterior Segment investigations. The course is delivered by Renato Antolovich, ZEISS Product Manager of the Retina & Glaucoma portfolio and will provide mixture of hands-on practical demonstrations as well as a Powerpoint presentation to cover the scan types, algorithms and analyses from the CIRRUS HD-OCT models. The practical demonstration details best practice techniques for patient alignment, positioning and acquisition, ensuring optimal workflow and the highest quality scans suitable for clinical assessment. The course is suitable for users of CIRRUS 4000, 400, 5000 and 500 models and will highlight the scans/analyses applicable to each device.


1. Have a basic understanding of Spectral Domain OCT technology

2. Perform a variety of scan types using techniques to optimise clinical workflow and scan quality.

3. Understand the various analyses of the CIRRUS HD-OCT and how they can be applied for different patient types and investigations.

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