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CPD Online (Dispensing Opticians)

Step-by-Step Instructions – How to view, add to and amend your CPD record

Step 1: Logging in

Proceed to the MyODOB section of the Board’s website – Select your profession, enter your registration number and password and click on ‘Log in’.
If you can’t remember your registration number, phone the Board on 04 474 0702
If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot your password?’

Step 2: Make sure your details are up-to-date

Please take a minute to check that none of your address or other contact information needs updating.
If something doesn’t look right in the ‘Personal details’ section, email registrar@odob.health.nz.
If you need to update your contact details, click on the green ‘Change’ button.

Step 3: Proceed to the CPD section of MyODOB

On the front screen of your profile (bottom right of the screen), you will see an at-a-glance summary of your CPD points for the cycle.

To proceed to the main CPD section click on the green ‘Go to CPD’ button to the right of this summary.

Step 4: Navigating your CPD record

On the main screen of your CPD record, you will find the following:

  • Confirmation of the cycle dates
  • An indication of the remaining days left in the cycle
  • Helpful links to relevant Board CPD policies and website pages
  • Notices indicating whether you are currently undertaking a Board audit or whether your points for the cycle have been pro-rated for any reason (e.g. parental leave/period of non-practice, return to the workforce/practice, new registrant starting part-way through a cycle)
  • Notice of any new updates or functions coming soon
  • An overview of your CPD points by Group and Activity Type

Here is an example:

You can navigate your record by clicking on the various tabs as follows:

‘Targets Explained’

This tab summarises the base points targets for the cycle (everyone) as well as any adjustments specific to you, including previous cycle adjustments (if you ended the cycle in surplus or deficit) or manual adjustments, for example, if you have recently re-joined the workforce after a significant period out of practice and the Board has asked you to complete additional CPD this cycle.

‘Annual Plan’

This tab is a useful tool you can utilise to develop a plan for your CPD for the cycle. Here you can set rationale and objectives, and then reflect on how you’ve gone achieving these towards the end of the year/cycle. Use of this tab is optional, but the Board encourages you to utilise this as a way of identifying your long term learning needs and how you can address these. This will avoid the last minute panic at the end of the cycle and having to attend or undertake any CPD you can just to meet the requirements regardless of whether it adds anything to your practice.

‘Activities Log’

This tab logs CPD completed so far in the cycle and also activities you intend to undertake/attend.
The ‘Completed (2017 – 2019)’ section should display where you were at when the transfer of CPD-recording changed from ADONZ to ODOB. If there are any records missing, please get in touch with us (Ph: 04 474 0702) and we can liaise with the ADONZ to confirm any omissions.

The ‘Draft / In Progress (2017-2019)’ section is where you add activities that you want or intend to undertake during the cycle.

There are three ways you can do this:

ODOB website – clicking this option will take you to the CPD calendar on the Board’s website where you can select ‘Log Event to CPD’ and it will populate it to your record. Once you have uploaded evidence of attendance, the activity can then be moved to the ‘Completed (2017-2019)’ section.

QR at event – this is for attended events. On having an event accredited, a provider will be issued with a unique QR code (or multiple codes) that they can make available to attendees. When you attend such an event, you will scan the code using your electronic device and a suitable code reader app and it will automatically take you to the Board’s CPD login page and populate the activity to the ‘Completed (2017-2019)’ section of your CPD record. You will not need to provide evidence of attendance for this method, unless requested by the Board.

Recommended code reader apps for download:
There are dozens of them available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Any of them should work, but the Board recommends the following due to zero ads and clean interface:

App Store (iPhone): https://apps.apple.com/app/id698925807

Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trendmicro.qrscan&hl=en

If you do not have an electronic device with you at an event with QR codes, you will need to use the above method of entry “ODOB Website” and manually upload evidence of attendance. Event providers will provide you with evidence of attendance for this purpose.

Manual entry – clicking this option will take you to a manual entry form where you can enter an activity. You will use this option where you wish to apply for accreditation of an activity you have undertaken or attended that does not currently have accreditation. Once you have entered the information, simply save your draft and submit your application for accreditation to the Recertification Officer who will liaise with the CPD Accreditation Committee. Once accreditation has been granted, the Recertification Officer will enter the points awarded to your activity and the activity will then move to the ‘Completed (2017-2019)’ section.


Practitioners will soon be able to complete and submit a Board Self Audit online via MyODOB when requested to do so. Instructions on how to use this tab will be available in the near future.


If you experience any difficulty logging in, navigating or updating your CPD record, please contact the Board’s Recertification Officer, Adele Shoebridge, for assistance on 04 474 0702.