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Non-Practising Practitioners

Registered practitioners who are not currently practising

If you are taking a break from practice, you can choose not to renew your annual practising certificate in March, and ask for the Board to maintain your registration as a non-practising optometrist or dispensing optician.  Please note however that if you are out of practice for three years or more, when you do apply for a practising certificate, it will need to be referred to the Board for consideration.

The Board currently charges $100 per year for maintenance of registration, or $306 per year for maintenance of registration and recording of CPD.  In the event that you decide to return to practice during the APC year, your non-practising fee will be deducted from the cost of your APC.

Deciding which non-practising status you should choose

You do not have to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) while you do not hold a practising certificate.  If you return to practice part-way through a recertification cycle, your CPD credit requirement will be pro-rated.  However, if you finish working before the expiry of your APC, you will still need to obtain credits until your APC expires.

The Board suggests that you choose to pay to have your CPD recorded if:

  • you are expecting to do CPD while you are away from practice
  • you want to pre-empt the CPD credit requirements you will need to meet when you return to practice
  • you were in CPD deficit when your APC expired and wish to ensure that you avoid being in CPD deficit at the end of the cycle (which can lead to further enquiries from the Board).

For more advice on your individual situation, please contact us.