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Glaucoma prescribing

Practitioners who have been approved by the Board may independently manage and treat patients with glaucoma.

The Board has established specific guidelines that set out what the pre-requisites are for optometrists before they may commence treatment of glaucoma using glaucoma medications and in what circumstances referral to an ophthalmologist is required. The guidelines are intended to assist optometrists to prescribe medications that control intra-ocular pressure, with the goal of preserving optic nerve structure, visual function, and the patient’s quality of life, within accepted best-practice standards and to identify those patients who are suitable to treat independently.

Click here to view these guidelines.

The guidelines will be reviewed by the Board on a regular basis to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

If you wish to apply to the Board to be approved to independently manage glaucoma patients please click here for the application form and send this into the Board’s office with the requested supporting material.

The Board has also developed the following guidelines for formatting the case studies to accompany the application, for those intending to submit case studies, Click here to view these. For those intending to submit evidence of 20 hours of attendance in a clinical setting where glaucoma management is the major focus, please click here to access the template case log.

Glaucoma-prescribers have specific CPD requirements for this work which much be fulfilled as part of the Board’s recertification programme. Information on these requirements can be found in the glaucoma guidelines mentioned above.

Approved Optometrist Glaucoma Prescribers

To view an up-to-date list of Approved Optometrist Glaucoma Prescribers, Click here.

Collaborative Care

The Board recognises that not all prescribing optometrists will wish to apply to the Board for approval to independently prescribe for glaucoma patients, and that they may prefer to form a collaborative care relationship with their ophthalmologist colleague/s to assist in managing the care of glaucoma patients.

The Board has therefore developed a statement to ensure that all prescribing optometrists, irrespective of their decision to apply for approval to prescribe independently or not, are aware of the distinction between collaborative care and independent prescribing.

Please click here to view the statement.

If you have questions after reading this statement, please contact the Board’s office for further clarification.

Glaucoma NZ Information

Click here for an information sheet on topical glaucoma medications.