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Southern Eye Specialists

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Southern Eye Specialists

128 Kilmore Street
New Zealand

Events at Southern Eye Specialists

Event Date | Time Type Profession CPD Credits Log to CPD
Go Away floaters! Wed 21/10/2020 -
Wed 21/10/2020
Conference Optometrist 1 General Credit + 0.50 Clinical Diagnostic Credits Log Event to CPD
Not Botched- Eyelid Edition Wed 16/09/2020 -
Wed 16/09/2020
Seminar Optometrist 1 General credit + 0.50 Clinical Diagnostic credits Log Event to CPD
Fuchs Uveitis Syndrome and Possner Schlossman Syndrome Wed 10/06/2020 -
Wed 10/06/2020
Conference, Seminar Optometrist 1.50 Glaucoma Event Credits Log Event to CPD
Increasing astigmatism and diagnosis of Ectasia in children, teens, and adults: When is crosslinking indicated? Wed 11/03/2020 -
Wed 11/03/2020
Conference, Seminar Optometrist 1 Clinical Diagnostic Credits + 1 General Credit Log Event to CPD